Aesthetic or Cursed?



Technology and media have come so far so fast in today’s world and often will bounce back and forth and side to side that it’s almost impossible to grasp what’s in and what’s out at any given moment.

Glitch art proves that.

Glitch art is mostly a nostalgia-driven art form in which takes something that was once inconvenient and frustrating is now something that holds beauty and is admired. But it’s not always seen that way. Glitch art can be a thing of beauty and be labelled as someone’s ‘aesthetic’ but it then can also be labelled a ‘cursed image’ in the same instant.

Whether glitch art is used to display a sort of harmony or more appropriately a disharmony to collaborate man-made art with the digital-made and in turn creating something entirely new that can be used for nostalgia or beauty or even satire like the gif above.

So deciding whether or not something is art or if it’s ‘cursed’ is entirely up to whoever is viewing it and the creator or the artist, whatever their intention was with their art is then held to the public when displayed or uploaded.


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What is the message really?


“The medium is the message” Huh? What could that possibly mean? This paradoxical statement penned by Marshall McLuhan has often sparked the same reaction for those who come across it. But all McLuhan really means is that the ‘message’ is a change in pattern in society brought on by an invention or innovation. However, these changes often come so subtly and over long periods of time that the real trick is to anticipate societal changes with each incoming innovation. How often do we think about the differences in how we behave when surrounded by different technologies? For example how people behave when in a nightclub or at a concert or just listening to their music on their phone, in every situation they are all surrounded by music however how a person interacts and behaves with the music is vastly different.

Something to think on.


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