Intersectional Future – Where I’m At

This post is a little catch up on where I’m at with my project Intersectional Future. So far there is definite room for improvement, in which I have outlined a few ways I have addressed some issues that were highlighted by myself and by my peers. I hope to continue my work in highlighting the many intersecting forms of oppression that many people face, how they overcome it, how it’s shown in the media 10 years ago, how those facing oppression are reported on in the present, how those facing oppression will be reported on 10 years into the future and if we are on the right path towards equality (Carastathis, 2014).



Carastathis, A. (2014). The Concept of Intersectionality in Feminist Theory. Philosophy Compass, 9(5), pp.304-314.

 Crenshaw, K. (1989). [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 May. 2019].

News about digital Marketing applications on Facebook. (2019). How to create a hashtag for Twitter and Instagram campaigns. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 May 2019].


  1. taanihendriks · May 5, 2019

    Reblogged this on Future Cultures.


  2. feliciaxxwang · May 28, 2019

    Hello Taani,
    First of all, I want to thank you. Through your research on the intersectional future, I learned what is intersectional. This may be a topic that I will never touch. I believe this is an important topic, and I am looking forward to the work that you presented last. At the same time, I also browsed the Instagram ID below. You also accepted the advice given by the peer students, which makes your DA look more professional and perfect.
    I’m so sorry that I can’t give you too much advice because I don’t know anything about the aspects you are studying. However, I think you have done a perfect job so far.
    Good luck with your final DA!


  3. katrinieweenie · May 31, 2019

    Hi Taani,
    Well, I can say without this post, I would have had no idea about intersectionality! So thank you for creating a project that will actually spread awareness about it.

    I agree with you about Instagram, it’s hard to post every day but it’s something that needs to be done so aiming to post at least twice a week is a good start. What I find useful is either use the app ‘Later’ to help plan your posts in advance and it’ll send you a notification when to actually upload it. Another way that I actually do it at work (because I’m not paying for an app, let’s be real here) I download an online calendar, put it into Word or Google Docs, then plan out what I want to post for the month by inserting the pictures and captions in it. This is where I downloaded mine:

    I do see you’ve been putting hashtags related to your posts which is a great step but what you could also do is put broad hashtags (to get more people to your page) then delete those and then add in the niche hashtags (you can do a maximum of 30 hashtags at a time but overall 90 hashtags – so use this to your advantage). Here are 2 sites that go into depth about hashtags on Instagram:

    Another thing you can do to increase engagement is liking and following relevant accounts so your content becomes recommended for people who look at those pages. This can also help if you don’t want to post every day – aim to like posts every day instead of posting every day – spending 20 minutes or so a day will allow you to see greater results. This can be challenging so if you have an android, there’s actually an app called ‘Followers Chief’ that I use which automatically likes and follow people who use certain hashtags or follow other people. This will greatly boost your engagement but it can be hard to tell whether those people are sticking around for your content or just because of the app, it’s ultimately up to you. App mentioned:

    I wish you luck in your final DA as I know an Instagram DA (well really a project) can be challenging as we are challenging ourselves by doing something that we usually won’t do – so don’t beat yourself up that you aren’t posting as much as you’d like as it is hard to get into the habit.

    – Katrina


  4. Louise · May 31, 2019

    Hi Taani,
    Your DA so far is quite interesting, before seeing your posts I had no idea what intersectional was. You mentioned having issues with your daily posting, which I can definitely understand, maybe scheduling some posts on Instagram might help with this so when you feel like it, you can just schedule them to be posted throughout the week, or perhaps setting an alarm for a time you know you will be free to post something on the Instagram account. I do hope one of these suggestions has helped you, here are some insights on why engagement is important on Instagram:
    Interested in seeing this DA’s future!


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